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Stud Service Agreement

Bitch’s Registered Name:                                                                                            

AKC Number:                                                                                                               

Microchip/Tattoo Number:                                                                                            

The stud fee shall be $1200.00.  A $600.00 non-refundable deposit will be paid when the bitch is brought for service and the remainder is due within two weeks after whelping.  The Stud dog owner will not sign the AKC litter registration form until the entire amount of Stud Service is paid, including any reimbursement of any breeding-related expenses.

A litter is defined as three of more puppies.  If fewer than 3 puppies are born one, return service will be available with in one year of the initial stud service to the same bitch or another bitch with the same ownership as the original bitch.  Should the original stud dog not be available for health, scheduling or other reasons, stud service will be fulfilled using another stud dog owned by Colonial Goldens.

The owner of the bitch is responsible for the health of the bitch and will provide the stud dog owner with a copy of the following:

Brucellosis testing is not required when using fresh extended semen procedures.

All expenses related to collecting, shipping and inseminating the bitch are the responsibility of the bitch owner.

All females should have their progesterone level checked and Breeding will start once the veterinarian says the timing is right and subsequently every 36-48 hours for as long as the bitch will stand, unless otherwise instructed by the bitch owner.  If the bitch is showing aggression towards the male it is the stud owner's option to take the female and male to the vets for an AI.  Any Veterinary fees related to the bitch's care (smears, artificial insemination, health certificate, etc.) and maintenance are the responsibility of the bitch owner.  Should the bitch become ill, the owner of the bitch will authorize all immediate and necessary care and will be responsible for any and all veterinary charges.

The bitch owner holds the Stud dog owner harmless for any and all illness/injury/death that may occur in the course of this contract, during or as a result of this breeding.  Under no circumstances is the stud dog owner responsible legally or financially for any illness/injury/death that may occur during or after this breeding.

Uncontrollable or destructive behavior will be cause to return the bitch to her owner.

The owner of the bitch is responsible for transportation of the bitch to and from the Stud dog owner's residence.  If the bitch is shipped for breeding, all expenses for shipping to Manchester, NH International Airport will be paid in advance by the bitch owner.  The bitch owner will compensate the Stud owner $100.00 each way, to pick up and drop off the bitch from the airport.

Four days' board is included in the Stud Service Fee.  If the bitch is maintained at the Stud Dog's property more than four days, the bitch owner agrees to pay an additional $20.00 per day.

The bitch owner agrees that none of the puppies from this service shall be sold to a pet shop, agent, or broker, or out of the United States.  The bitch owner agrees to sell all pet puppies on a spay and neuter contract with limited registration.  If the bitch owner keeps a puppy or has a valid show home for a puppy (a home in which the owner has put an AKC Championship title on a dog), the puppy must be two years of age and have all its clearances (eyes, heart, hips and elbows) before anyone breeds the dog.  The owner of any puppy kept or sold for show (full registration puppies) must make a valid effort to show the puppy and the puppy must be worthy of a conformation title.

The bitch owner agrees that our dogs' offspring that are sold as pets to pet homes, shall not be sold with agreements to bring the dogs back for the bitch owner's breeding program.  Pet puppies are to be sold on a limited AKC registration with a spay/neuter contract by the age of 1 year.

The bitch owner will provide the names, addresses, phone numbers and AKC names and numbers of all puppy buyers to the stud dog owner.

If the bitch owner fails to fulfill the conditions of this contract, the stud owner will have the right to pursue monetary damages of not less than $10,000.00 and reasonable attorney’s fees.


Owner of the Stud Dog

Owner(s) of the Bitch


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