Raising AKC Quality Bred Golden Retrievers in Northern New England

Colonial Goldens Puppy Application

It is my responsibility to ensure my puppies a loving, caring home where they are part of the family unit.  This application is designed to help me understand your home environment and to ensure that you are in agreement with my breeding philosophy. 

Colonial Goldens promotes the Holistic rearing of all our dogs.  We require our future puppy owners to follow our vaccination schedule and to use holistic alternatives to pesticides for flea and tick prevention.  All future puppy buyers are to work with a Holistic vet who is a member of the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association).  The link to the Holistic Veterinarians' Association members in the United States is www.AHVMA.org.  To find a veterinarian in your area, go to their web site and click on "Find a Vet".

I sell to clients who:

  1. Enthusiastically agree to have their pet neutered.  We require that all females be allowed to go through one heat cycle, then be fixed 3 1/2 to 4 months later; and our males are to be neutered between 12 and 18 months of age, and no earlier.  WE DO NOT SELL BREEDING STOCK.
  2. Provide 24-hour supervision.  For example, my puppies are not to be left alone all day while both adults are at work.  If this is the case, arrangements for day care by older children, grandparents, pet sitters, etc. are satisfactory.
  3. Treat their puppy as part of the family unit.  My puppies are not to be tethered to a tree or doghouse, on outside runs or to be left out overnight.

In accordance with the Play Yard Policy of Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, potential homes must have a physical (not electronic) fenced-in area large enough to safely exercise the dog--not as a place for the dog to live.  To satisfy the fencing requirement, the physical fence must be a minimum of 4' high, have a lockable gate, and ideally be directly accessible from the home.  We recognize that there may be exceptional applicants without physical fencing, so an experienced dog owner may request a fencing exemption with a detailed summary of how they have kept past dogs and how they will exercise a new dog, as well as a reference letter from their veterinarian.  First-time dog owners are not eligible for this exemption.

If you feel that these requirements are unreasonable, or that you are unwilling to meet them, please do not call us.

In order to stay on the list of a pending litter, prospective purchasers must complete and submit the questionnaire below.  Once we receive this and you are approved, we will let you know to send in a deposit and a signed copy of this application, which will put you on a waiting list for a puppy.  We will notify you once the breeding has taken place and again when the puppies are born.  Once the litter is born and you agree to take a puppy, your deposit is non-refundable should you change your mind and no longer want the puppy.  The exception is that you may reapply your deposit to a future litter.  This deposit must be used within 9 months of the date of receipt or be forfeited.  Our time is valuable and we spend many hours checking your references and working with you.  Also, if we reserve a dog for you, we have turned down other potential good homes for that puppy.

If we have a puppy that meets your requirements, we expect a $500.00 deposit to hold a puppy and of course we encourage your calls to check the progress of the litter.  When the puppies reach around 6 weeks of age, we normally have Zoom meetings for educational purposes and to show the puppies.

We selectively breed our puppies and are always interested in show prospects.  Normally one or two puppies are held aside as show prospects and the rest are sold as pets to people wanting to make them part of their family.  We do not evaluate the litter until 8 weeks of age, which is when we as breeders can tell the most about a puppy's structure.

If you would like to be placed on our prospective purchasers list, please complete the following questionnaire.

N.B.  Pressing the Enter key will submit the application.  Use the Tab key or your mouse to move from one field to the next.

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Please describe the housing situation in which you currently live:

Where will the dog be all day?

If you travel out of town where will the dog be?

During the night?

Will you use a crate to train your dog?

Ages of Adults & Children in the home:

If you have other pets, please list:

Have you owned a Golden Retriever before?

If so, what happened to him/them?

Do you have a fenced in yard, or other safe turn-out area for the puppy?

Do you have an in-ground pool? If so, is it fenced-in?

Please list any specific requirements you would have of your next dog:

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Please list any specific requirements you would have of your next dog:

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I agree to the terms of this puppy appliction.

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Once you are approved, please print and sign this page and mail it with your deposit.